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Penguin Man is my first game, and a game I made for the Retrograde Jam 2  in 8 days !

It's a platformer/boss rush fighting game, when you can fight up to 3 bosses and 1 secret boss, in a normal and a hardmode.

I choose to made a NES-style game. One of my favorite game of this console being Megaman 2 the gameplay looks like it ! (And I will not hide that my main inspiration when creating the assets were from megaman games)

Not perfect at all, still have some bugs, but I will certainly update it and add more bosses in months to come !


By default, the settings.ini file is in your user/AppData/Locale/Penguiman folder.

The default keymapping is :

A : C  Arrow keys : Directions.

B : X

Start : Enter

Select : Shift

The default resolution is X3 but can be changed.

Hint : If you want to unlock everything, maybe you should try a certain code in the Main Menu ;)




ENGINE : GameMaker- Studio 1.4

SE : Generated with BFXR

MUSIC : Generated with Audiotracker

Install instructions

Download and launch the .exe


PenguinmanV1.exe 17 MB

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